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Site Identity & Logo

  • Logo: Upload a logo and adjust its size.
  • Mobile Logo: Upload a mobile logo and adjust its size.
  • Update the Site Title and the Tagline.
  • Upload a Site Icon.


  • Headings Font Family: Lumiere supports all fonts on Google Fonts and all web safe fonts. Or you can upload your own font.
  • Headings Font Weight: Set the weight of your headings font by choosing between Normal, Medium, Bold or Extra Bold.
  • Base Font Family: Lumiere supports all fonts on Google Fonts and all web safe fonts. Or you can upload your own font.
  • Base Font Size: The size applied to the paragraph text. All other elements, such as headings, links, buttons, etc will adjusted automatically to keep the hierarchy of font sizes based on this one size. Easy-peasy!


  • Color 1: Used as background color and contrast texts.
  • Color 2: Used as global text color.
  • Color 3: Used as the accent color.
  • Color 4: Used to highlight important actions (e.g. ‘Add to Cart’ buttons, ‘Place Order’ button).
  • Color 5: Used for success notifications.
  • Color 6: Used for error notifications.
  • Color 7: Used for info notifications.


  • Footer Text Note: Set your copyright text with no effort.
  • Footer Background Color
  • Footer Text Color


  • Show homepage title: If you’re planning to use a full width cover, image, or slider on your homepage and the page title gets in your way, this option is for you.


  • Header Top-Bottom Spacing: Adjust your header’s height by setting the top and bottom padding.
  • Header Menu Dropdown Style: Choose your dropdown menus to be simple or full width.
  •  Keep header visible when scrolling down: Keep the header visible at all times or hide it when scrolling down.
  • Topbar Background Color
  • Topbar Text Color


  • Add product short description on product listings: Let your customers know more about your products when navigation through them.
  • Shop Pagination: Choose between the classic pagination or the ‘Load More’ AJAX pagination.


The theme features seamless integrations and serves as a demo for two popular WooCommerce extensions: WooCommerce Subscriptions and Gift Cards for WooCommerce, aiming to find ways that would help cross-sell marketplace items.

Missing Options?

We are doing our best to help all our customers and improve their experience with the theme. Let us know if there is something we can improve and we will seriously take into consideration your feedback and suggestions.

And, if you love Lumière theme as much as we enjoyed developing it, please remember to rate it.